How to handle burdens | Here\’s what you can do.

Burdens right? We all get loaded down with them. How can we get through and be victorious?

Finances, strained marriages and broken relationships, emotional trauma, failing health, unexpected grief-you name it and it can be a crushing weight.

Burdens hang on us like a wet blanket to steal our joy and zap our strength. 

1. SAY IT.

SPEAK. Speak it loud and speak it deeply from your heart!  Tell God exactly what your burdens are. Cry out in prayer–out loud.

We need to speak truth to our minds and get gut honest with our Heavenly Father.


Get into God\’s word!! If you have a specific burden that is dragging you under, name it and start looking for verses in the Bible that deal with it.  If you don\’t know where to start, just try Googling \” Bible verses on ________\”. When you soak yourself in Scripture, the burdens are lifted and you can begin to focus on truth instead of lies.


Our adversary HATES worship. Really!  There is nothing as effective at keeping your enemy at bay than to sing worship songs that are based on biblical truth. 

Worship takes our eyes off of all of our messes and fixes our eyes on the awesomeness of our God! Not sure what songs to play? Check out these gems on Spotify Playlist !! Keep worship music playing around the clock if you need to!


God did not design you to carry your burdens alone. He gave you sisters in Christ who can identify with your struggles and encourage you on the road to freedom. 

SAY, SOAK, SING AND SURROUND…May each of us casts our burdens on God and lighten the load of another.

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