3 day revival: the treasures christ

When a Pilot or Driver informs you that the journey to your expected destination will take 5 hours, you stay put for the 5 hours duration in order to arrive at your desired location.

When a Doctor or Pharmacist instructs a patient to take a Medication for 5 days to ensure their healing, they obey the directive in order to get the desired healing.

When a Prophet of God Invites you to a Spiritual Banquet prepared for you for 3 Days, it is wise to follow through to the end, that is the guaranteed way to get the best out of the banquet. By 5pm today, the

Treasures in Christ transformational summit will continue on a higher level. Kindly Ensure you attend and please invite someone to attend.

There is no better way to enter the last quarter of 2020 than securing it in the Treasures we have in Christ! Hallelujah! Remember *You are in Christ!

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