Offerings and tithes

To pay your offerings and tithes through the church, please We encourage all to pay their tithes and offerings either through transfer to the church Account :
Or pay through Zonal leaders such as listed above. We invite persons who can prepare a layout as presented above for their Residential zones to draw up and submit to either the church Secretary or Treasurer WhatsApp through the following Nos:
1 Bro. Oscar Ajah 08033182422
2.Bro. Thomas wodar Afanga 08034729840
More so, every family after the service should prepare the Family Service Returns using the above format as well. The completed returns form should be snapshot and submitted to the Church Secretary or Treasurer WhatsApp as well. Please complete the Family Service Returns form whether your tithes and offerings is remitted in cash through Zonal leaders or paid on line to enable appropriate update of the church Account records.
We pray that God will continue to bless and prosper his people who will continue to build his church on earth inspite of the lockdown. Let\’s continue to provide meat in the house of God.