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The Assemblies of God, Nigeria, is made up districts one of which is the Abuja East District which is one of the several administrative units of the National Church of the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria and by extension an integral part of the Assemblies of God worldwide.




The Assemblies of God National Worship Centre (NWC) has its vision to make every believer live in holiness and remain prepared for heaven. The mission of the worship Centre is also committed to Operating under the Great Commission of Christ and committed to fulfilling a four-fold mission in the city of Abuja which goes as follows:

1. Evangelize the unsaved.

2. Worship the one and only true God.

3. Disciple believers through the word of God.

4. Practice God’s love and compassion.



Our resident ministers, filled with the Holy spirit help us walk better in the path of righteousness. They are worded in the Gospel and help us see through and walk better in the ways of the Lord.